Google translate says: MAY DAY

Is that even... No. It CANNOT be the proper translation. Must be Bonfire night or some such. Surely not MAY DAY? Pff. Anyway.

I live in Lund, which is, in short, a Student Town. As you all now, Saturday is 1st of May. Which means tomorrow is Bonfire night. Which means, students get drunk. I happen to live on the same block as three of the biggest student nations. People from Gothenburg's Nation have taken up temporary residence outside my bedroom window.

They're "singing".

Drunken retardness is so annying when you're not the one being a drunken retard.
Can't wait for tomorrow.

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Flickvall said...

Tror det heter Walpurgis/Valpurgis night, har något svagt minne om det ifrån gymnasiet. ;)