On language barriers and symmetry

On previous entry; Evelina broached the word Coffee as a not very good substitute for Fika. I agree, it doesn't quite cover it. According to Google Translate, the noun Fika is coffee and the verb Fika is to have coffee. But it's more than coffee! It's tea and cookies and cake and sandwiches and Oh, So Very Flexible. Nothing like it. It's quite simply FIKA.

On Symmetry; I just had to change my sheets before bed as I spilled stuff in there earlier today. (Another Swedish thing actually, Nyponsoppa, which translates into rosehip soup/juice. It sounds alot more tasty in swedish.)

You know those big, square flat sheets? Not the ones fitted to your mattress, no, the ones that are completely sqaure, yet still somehow fit your bed? I hate them. With a passion. At first sight they seem to short, no matter how much you turn them around. I always end up turning them five times until I realise the sheet is square and not rectangular. The result when making a bed with a square flat sheet is that you have about 5 - 10 cm left lengthwise, and oh, IDK, 45 cm in width. AAH! I hate it.

It fucks with my sense of symmetry
. (I have a slight OCD when it comes to things being symmetrical. Don't even get me started on the eggs.) I'm gonna have to try and forget it, otherwise it's gonna bug me all night. Stupid sheet.

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