Should have known it was too good to last.

It's raining. And here I was hoping that, ash cloud or no ash cloud, we could have summer now. But alas! I was wrong.

I'm currently scheming. Would it be possible to somehow get brother, sister-in-law and baby over to mom and dads? And then there could be Fika. There is apparently not a good word for Fika in english. My SI-mentor at school is from the states, and she's given up on trying to find one. "Look guys! I brought Fika!"

Anywho. It's raining. I want family. Yes, must fix this.


Evelina said...

Dude, snacka regn - här snöar det. Fo' Realz Snöar alltså. Iceland wanted to share some snow as well as ash.

Och på engelska säger man Kaffe till Fika, men Fika är ju så mycket mer än kaffe! Kakor, bullar, mackor, saft... Svenskan brukar vara det svagare av de två språken, men inte i detta fallet!

Anonymous said...
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