That could have gone better ;)

But hey, it was still AwesomeSauce.
Linda, hannaJo, me and the birthday girl herself ate tasty, tasty food and had too much bacardi razz. (Last part mostly refers to me, I'm afraid.) We watched Bring it on and Bring it on: All or nothing and listen to Ke$ha until our ears bled.

When I woke up this morning I was quite certain my brains were dripping out of my ears. Bu tI went back to sleep and drank alot of water later on. Now things are chillin' again, and I'm super stoked about tonight.

It's me, Matilda Berggren, Nöbbelövs Church and songs like "Bridge over troubled Water" and "Still haven't found what I'm for". My cold has been beaten into submission and I'm gonna go do what I love most.