This path has led me to apathy.

Today I've been running around in the sunshine, with a cold I might add, attracting a sunstroke. Which is not cool, considering it's APRIL GODDAMNIT. Now I'm stranded in my bed with a heachache, a fever, a permanent blush and a rumbling belly which I'm too tired to do something about.

I seem to lack this balance in life that most people have. I tend to have days and days filled with absolutely nothing (perhaps some lint if I'm lucky), which are the followed by two or three days of hysterical acitivity.

Tomorrow I'm doing my laundry, rehearsing my songs for mass, going home to Evlajn to celebrate her B-day (21!) and probably getting soundly thrashed. Then I have to get up at a reasonable hour on thursday to get home one time, get to mass at 18:00, then get to Lunds Nation at 21:00, where I will work until 03:00. Yeah, that's me - the girl who will die from heart failure due to too much ibuprofen and red bull.

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