Battle of Epic Proportions - almost won.

It took me like... two days, but hey.
To my defence Charlie called me just after I got the darn mattress out of here, and then! Diversion accomplished. I don't talk to her very often, seeing as how she's in France and all, but when I do - LORD, it's like a hammer to the chest.

NO ONE can rant like my Charlie. It doesn't matter about what, but when she get's started... wow. I'm gonna get it on tape when I go down there in June.

Please, please, PLEASE, Dear God, let me have enough money. I'm prepared to starve. I really need to go down there.

Anyway. I did all my laundry today. It's so strange - I'm tempted to take a picture of my ardrobe these days and show it to people who knew me like.. a year ago. I didn't wear anything but black, gray, brown and dark green back then. Beige maybe. Now it's like someone took some LSD and went cray cray with a coloring box. (In my opinion at least.)

Ah, people change. And we don't notice until it's staring us in the face.
And then your too late.

Night, folks.

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