Battle of Epic Proportions unfortunately postponed

I've just been called in to work, (Yay! Monies!) so the bedroom and I will have to battle it out later this evening. But you can have a sneak preview of what's to come.

Also, Sad!news for me. Won't be able to order my t-shirts from 6DollarShirts in time to get them before Taizé. Sadface. I was really looking forward to walking around my Dear Ol' Monastery with THIS one. But alas! I has a broke and must wait until after. (Also realized just now that I have yet to tell Charlie about when we're coming. Heh. Should maybe do that, yes.)


And for good measure:
4 O'Clock by Salem Al Fakir

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Flickvall said...

Ska också slåss mot mitt sovrum, ser ut som ja... typ a Beautiful mind när han blir störd och tejpar upp tidningar och snören och stuff fast med kläder och disk, ska fan stanna upp hela natten och städa!