Blogsilence is officially broken

Ha! Three days. That's how long I could stay away. I'm such a blog whore.

I sat my History & Culture exam today. I didn't study nearly as much as I should have - there was a freaking student-carneval-drunken revelry thing, I blame owe Evlajn for that one - but I think I may have, maybe, knock on all the wood you can find, made it. Sort of.

(I have a tendency to not write academic, PC answers on tests. I start making fun of feudalism and suddenly I'm dissing Shakespear. Can't help it.)
((Those darn brits are yet again passing my window every night. Who are they? And where can I find them?))

So. Sat the exam. Felt extremely good afterwards. A sense of *FREEDOOOOOM* a la Braveheart. I have a giant Vocab Exam on Saturday - and call me nerdy, but to me that sounds like fun - but until the: Nothing. Free as a bird, me.

*glances around bedroom*

Ok, maybe not. Join me tomorrow for the Epic Battle of the Lost Bedroom. It's me VS. the clothes, the dirt, the matress and the dirty dishes. Yuck.
Until then: Beware of Dark!Watson. He will wake you up in the middle of the night and not apologize. Ever.

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