A(nother) venture into the unknown

So, over the past few years I've come to the realisation that almost every decent fanfic originates from somewhere on... you know it, LiveJournal.

Three. 3. That's how many times I've tried to wrap my head around that godforsaken - yet still amazing and fantastic and indescribable- place. The first two attemps resulted in me going *nyagh* and running fast in the opposite direction.

But you guys - the SHkinkmeme! It has made my life such a nice place! I've realized I'm not alone! There are other people out there who think and talk like me and Evlajn. (But to be honest, I think I scare her too sometimes. Sorry love.)

So I tried, one. more. time. My eyes are big as saucers and I'm sort of scared, but I got myself an LJ-account. Then I looked around to see if the world was ending yet. My LJ has one entry, which redirects people here if they want to get to know me.

BUT. If there is someone here, reading my blog, who happens to have a LiveJournal - feel free to find me and take me gently by the hand.

Edit: // Also, I have this thing for LJ-Icons. I collect them. They are so very precious to me. On my lasy computer I had a collection of over 800 of them. Sad, I know. But they make me so HAPPY.//

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