I guess I'm just not that cultivated.

Iron Man 2 + Lajki = 4EVER. Iz all true.
I've reached the conclusion that I'm not very cultivated, or deep, or whatever. While Evlajn found the plot sorely lacking and was (correct me if wrong here, darling) not overly entertained. She tried telling me this, and the only response she could have gotten must've been something like "*drool* What? HAHAHAHHAHA! I'd hit that SO HARD."

I like films like Transformers, Iron Man, The Hulk and Batman. Or LotR and Harry Potter. Not to mention stuff like Moulin Rouge. Don't even get me started on Disney.

If people suggest films like The Hours or The Notebook or Million Dollar Baby, I just sort of go "... *sigh*... really? Do we have to?"

Call me shallow. I want the women to kick ass, the men to be bearded, dirty and hot, I want things to go KA-BOOM! I don't want to walk away enlightened and/or thoughtful. I want to walk away slightly horny and daydreaming about getting a Jarvis.


Evelina said...

I could watch it again, because it was funny and hot, but I was just disappointed... They could have done so much better with this awesome concept and those awesome actors <3

tagskie said...

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