I has a job, guys!

When I got home from Taizé I sent my CV to this thing called Föräldraförstärking - "Parenting Reenforcment". They rang me up at the start of term, practically salivating over my experience with kids and wanted to take me on immediately. At that time though, my days were too long and we agreed that it probably wouldn't work out.

They rang me up again, just now.
"Sooo.... I've got this family. They need someone who can work 'til late at night, possibly even stay over, at least two times per week. Pleeeeease?"
"Well, I..."
"The mother's a native english speaker and would probably want you to speak english with the kids."

I'm meeting the head of FF tomorrow to talk things over and then we're going to meet the family sometime this week. Yeah, baby, yeah.

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