I will kill everyone in the world.

And I'm gonna start with the students currently having a hedonistic revelry in my yard.

Yesterday was fun. My drunken 'tardness peaked at 5 PM, and then I got "Fyllemat" (drunken munchies) at mom and dad's place. Mmm, BBQ. All in all it was a day of almost rain, icky vodka, nice wine, a half-drunken but much appreciated make out-session and me trying to not hate crowds.

Today though, is another thing entirely. As said in earlier entry; drunken retardness is SO ANNYOING when it's not you being the drunken 'tard.

Right now, Gothenburgs Nation is playing music in what could be described as a giant subwoofer made up by the buildings on our block. And I'm not the one to be dissing loud music or people wanting to dance and have a good time, but our windows are rattling. IT'S NOT PLEASANT. I WILL KILL EVERYONE IN THE WORLD.

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