I'm heading out to my cave, guys.

'Cause right now, I'm all *I did this, I can't blame it on anyone or anything else, so I might as well suck it up and ride it out* and also, I'm all little grumpy. So, yeah. Cave time. There will be music, DW, Torchwood and a 70 chapter long HP/DM AU.

Oh yeah, and it turns out I was two points away from passing my grammar exam. Guess who missed four points 'cause she forgot to underline four fucking verb phrases? But yeah, this is good. My panic has subsided a bit. Along with one of my course mates acting the part of a saving angel and handing me the key points from the History & Culture lectures, my workload is no longer as insurmountable as is previously was.

And before tackling it - Cave Time.

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