It's slowly taking shape.

Today we got news; It's now officially Dan (our dearest vicar) who's heading up winter confirmation camp this fall. He told me and Maria this with a slightly hesitant look, going "If you still want to be leaders, that is..?"

Our squeals of joy and the jumping up and down should have tipped him off, methinks. But alas, he is a bit slow and/or strange sometimes. (Which is one of the reasons we love him so much, but don't tell him that.)

It's all coming together... *Oooh, shiny*
Winter break Confirmation 2011, here we come!

Our most beloved 08/09 batch. The goal is to top that, to make it even better for the kids of 10/11 than we did for the 08/09'rs. And God, if we pull that off? We're good baby.

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