*Squinting at the light*

OK. I'm out of the cave. One can only keep up the self-pity and the wailing for so long before someone tells you to stuff it. Or, in this case, shoves your niece into your arms and you simply stop being miserable, 'cause really. She's that fantastic.

I spent last night at mom & dad's. Ate some of their free food and ignored the internetz. A very... unusual way of living. A pleasant surprise was the spontaneous Fika which happened. All the siblings and in-laws except two. Very nice.

Then I went to Lunds. I made the fatal mistake of not eating enough and drinking too fast, which landed me squarely in the Tired-and-drunk-and-noy-very-energetic Zone, but I coped. I'm a good coper. (And still sorta drunk to be honest.)

I'm off to the kinkmeme, and then I'm gonna sleep, but first I want to ask my avid readers (I'm amazed, seriously, how can I have 350 page views/week?) a parting question.

What is the point of playing Hard To Get? Why can't people just be frank and go, 'Hey, I think I like you. And also, your hot' instead of going in endless circles of hot and cold? I really don't get it


Haje said...

I think you and I are somekind of other species....!

You want only what you can´t get your hands on?


joven said...

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