Blogger is being creative in my place.

I still haven't decided if I like the bookstore background. I'm partial to it - beside the fact that I love reading - because I have this lovely LJ-icon with an ant breaking off from the other ants, going 'Ooh, a bookstore! Shiny.'

Woke up a serious cold today. Not as hungover as I could have been though, thank God for small blessings. Called the dad of the family I work for and had barely opened my mouth before he told me to stay at home today.

So now I'm free to not leave my bed for awhile, eat popcorn, blow my nose and read fanfics. (I've found a Merlin/Arthur community. Ooh, shiny!) And around 16,00, mom's driving me and Evlajn to Center Syd, and there will be much shoe shopping and materialistic endorphines.

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Doug said...

As a first time visitor to your blog...first reaction to book background is to change it...Im pretty sure it caused me to have a seizure from overstimulation, on second thought, keep the book background.