Drunken entry - with a heartening lack of FAIL

God. So drunk. But in a good way. I'm giving you guys a heads-up. Entry may be completely irrelevant to.. everything. Also - lack of spellcheck.

The lightbulb in the lamp next to my bed went as a tried to turn it on just now. I just spent 10 minutes looking for my spare cellphone charger in the dark. Do you know how hard it is to keep the focus of such a quest and be quiet at the same time, when being this drunk?

Not easy. That's for fucking sure.

Martin, the bastard darling got me into the whole "Pretend you're an exchange student"-thing again. This time it lasted all night, 'cause Fredrik - who can manage a spot on cockney when he wants to - joined. He is currently at an afterparty with a blonde who's trying to get in his pants just 'cause he's from "London". I nearly lost it when I heard.
"What if I slip up? I mean, if I pull it off, it's going to be EPIC, but if I slip up, she might actually shoot me!"

I need to.. go somewhere. Somewhere where I don't have to pretend to be from effing Conneticut just to get people to speak english. I currently have four people - one of them currently in France and extremely unavailable - who will speak english with just for the fuck of it.

I need to fix that. And figure out a way to keep track of the people currently under the impression I'm from Conneticut.

Working tomorroq. And shoe shopping.
16 days til Taizé.'

Oh, and I graduated from Gymnaisium -upper secondary school- exactly two years ago. WOW. Bed now.

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Doug said...

lol I love drunken blog entries...You have a new fan, if not a new stalker.