Oh, LORDY. Today is a GOOD DAY.
Not even generous helpings of capslock can express what a GOOD DAY today is <3

This morning I go to meet my nephew. He's the sweetest little thing, with all that dark hair and the faces that only a 5-days-old baby can pull off. He stole my heart, completely. (And his mother should be ashamed of herself, sitting on her couch without make up, looking all radiant and healthy and beautiful. He'd got good genes, that's for sure.)

Then I went to work. If you can even call it that. I get paid to take care of a toddler for four hours/day. Today we took a nap for an hour, together. It was beyond awesome. If you haven't ever take a nap with a toddler, do so. There is nothing more cuddly and heartwarming.

I got home about an hour ago. Had some tortellini with feta cheese. It was awesome. Then I had a heart attack. I used my banks textmessage service to see if Daniel had transferred the money to pay for his Taizé ticket, and found myself missing about 1500 SEK.

I screamed alot. Panicked for awhile. Thought maybe the guys at 6dollarshirts had ripped me off. Ran to my computer and logged on to check my balance from there. Then I screamed again.

My brain had skipped a comma when reading the text. TAX REFUNDS BABY. THAT'S RIGHT - I'M FILTHY RICH RIGHT NOW.

The only thing bugging me right now, is that I'm sitting on soooo much money, and every fiber of my being is telling me to go absolutely bananas and Spend. It. I need to keep myself in check, or I'll find myself at the tattoo parlor down the street, making an appointment before you know it.

Wow. And the sun is still shining. GOOD DAY, PEOPLE. GOOD DAY.

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