A June morning

It's 4 AM.
I just got back from working at Lund's nation.
It's been an entirely awesome night. I've spoken english to my hearts content, gotten a drunk girl to belive I was an exchange student from Conneticut (I fully blame Martin, he made me do it, the sneaky fucker), screamed at irritating people trying to cut in line to the smoking balcony -which I was managing all on my own, thank you very much, and I met a guy who knew what Black Books were.

And at 10.12 PM, he was born - a darling little nephew, with dark curly hair. My sister-in-law was fantastic apparently, and it took 45 minutes to get the little senshi out in the world. Welcome, Erik <3

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Caty said...

Vad roligt!!! Nu är du faster till 2 små barn!! Kram Catrin