Ooooh, eerie silence!

Oh, hai!

So. Work, work, work, alcohol, work, work, music, nails, babies, ducks, work, alcohol.. Wow.
I haven't blogged for 6 days. It feels like a month.

But now I've officially started my two-week holiday. One week filled with (hopefully) sun, lawns, music, friends and quite possibly some cider. A week for making lists and doing laundry and packing and cleaning my room so I won't fall down from being greeting by the depressing sight that is my room, once I get back from Taizé. (That's what the second week is for.)

I failed my History exam. Resit is in August, day before Phonetics exam. Passed my Vocab exam with honors - booyah, bitches.

And now, I'm off to mom's. Cozy, hungover time.

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T. Bone said...

I have to admit, anytime I see the words alcohol, and ducks in the same sentence I can't help but wonder....