SUCH a load off.

I've been doing the math over and over, and I'm pretty certain I can manage all summer without starving too much, even with Taizé and t-shirts and phone bills.
Aaaand I just got it confirmed on black and white that as long as I pass my phonetics exam in Augus, I'm very much eligable for the B-level course this fall.


The sun is shining. Summer is here. And life is pretty much OK.
Tomorrow I'm off to the bank to deposit my birthday money, and then... THEN.
Buying my ticket to Taizé. 20 days to go.

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thisamericantourist said...

I'll never forget the day I walked into Not-My-Usual Supermarket and found individual packs of Ramen for ten cents each - I may have caused a scene trying to dump the entire shelf into my cart. Of course, by the end of that summer I was dying for, like, and apple, but I still wear the shoes I bought with the extra money, so all in all, I consider it a fair trade. :)