It comes creeping

My iPod got stolen in Taizé.
After a brief panic attack Johan solved my sleep issues nicely by simply grabbing hold of me and hugging me all night. When Hanna joined us a couple of days later, we quickly formed a pile of limbs, dreads, one beard, shared breath and love.

After more than a week of that, how in the name of Cthulu am I supposed to be able to sleep alone? In a bed which could easily hold the three of us? Two thirds of me is missing. Not even Harry Potter read by Stephen Fry can make it better. It's gonna take awhile to stop reaching for hands in the middle of the night.

Iedere nacht verlang ik naar u, o God,
Ik hunker naar u meet heel mijn zeil.


Unobserved said...

I'd say buy another pillow, but somehow just don't think that will measure up.

Haje said...

Jag förstår <3

Franziska said...

That sounds sooo warm and loving! Makes me smile! I sometimes doubt that experiencing such love is worth the aches... but I think, it is!!! You're gonna weather through it, cause love, in either way, is what you're made for! And there is someone who arranged your encounter with those amazing person (people)... He/She/It will take care of all of you! (And you're not thaaat far away from each other...)
Sorry for the long blah blah blah... might be just hot air - but then - maybe it's because of the hot air outside... ;-)