Life has its ups and downs

A job which could be a lot worse and, at the same time, a hell of a lot better.
Days which could be so much longer, yet never seem to end.
Friends who laugh and cry and love and live with you.
People who are so close, yet seem so very far away.
People who are so very far away, and it's like they've taken up permanent residence inside you.
Words that do so little to express how you feel.
Music which makes you smile one day, and cry the next.
Family who sum up what you are and what your life is all about.

The miracle of new life.
The sadness of the end of a long one.
And sometime in between, we're expected to breathe, take a picture and commit it all to memory.

And still,
I'm grateful.

A grandfather, much loved
1919.06.16 - 2010.07.19

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