A fellow blogger

I'd like to take a moment to credit a certain someone. I realize it's 3:45 AM and I really should sleep, but fuck it, I'm 20 years old, I should still be able to survive on like 4 hours of sleep if necessary.

*Hr-HRM* Right. A while back this random dude dropped me a line, right here at Proud to be Geek. I'm not sure how he found my blog, but he kept reading. And commenting. And reading. And commenting. And boy, does this guy crack me up. I'm very glad to have this blogger friend of mine, and I would like to stick him in the spotlight. 'cause he's awesome.
Everyone! I give you - Mr. Unobserved! Check out his blog Observations, like, Now.

Because I like him so much, he get's one of my favourite pieces of the Internetz - Dirty, dirty Macros. (If you don't like it, I can get you an Awesome!face, but that's about it. Enjoy!)


Unobserved said...

I'm speechless...I feel like I should have had a speech prepared or something. Thank you for your kind words, and the shout out for my blog. I accept your photo gifts with gratitude.
Now, that being said....I'm still going to go googly eyed over your mom.

Unobserved said...

Hey...If you haven't already....go waaaaaaay back in my blog...you'll see I actually beat you to the punch :)

Unobserved said...

No, that wasn't the post I meant...go this this one:


Unobserved said...

Oh...say hi to you mom for me okay??? ;)

Haje said...

Hi there! You are observed by me :-)
Please write about your disapointments dear daughter <3
otherwise I´ll have to call you......?