Going out with a bang

Johan decided, in the end, to grace us with his prescence. He spent half an hour complaining about the price for train tickets, and then bought a Nintendo DS on a whim 'cause six-hour train rides are boring. That's Stockholm logic for ya.

From Friday to Sunday:
History exam, phone: "I'll be down in 8 hours. That good?", disgusting wine, pool, cigarettes, scheming, a long nap, hysterical packing, giggling in a grocery store, a reunion hug, a crazy drive, phone: "I'm not that drunk." (How I love you sweetie <3), more reunion, loud music, a completely insane drive, Dalby Stenbrott in complete darkness, fantastic food, better wine, cigarettes, laughs, munchies, the perfect cozy buzz, a slightly less crazy drive, a sad friend, something like 4 hours of sleep, awesome breakfast, Nintendo DS, a quick trip home, a shower, back again, constipation from hell and nausea to fell a grown elephant, a huge cup of coffee, puked my guts out and felt better, more Nintendo DS - Pokémon, I might add, dampered spirits, fantastic cooking, home made ice cream, Boondock Saints, a stunning display of snoring, something like 3 hours of sleep, church, emotions going haywire, wild - amazing - scary  ideas, some more scheming, some fiddling, some planning, rain, rain, more rain, insane children, spaghetti on the floor, a train station, tears and laughter and the feeling of not quite daring to hope. Yet.

When I came home last night, I freaked Ceit out, I was so pale.
Then I went to bed and slept 10 hours straight.
One more week before Uni starts. It's been a good summer.

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Evelina said...

I'm so glad that my drunk dialing didn't make you hate me. :') I should leave my phone at home the next time I get drunk...