I did it.

I sat my exams. It went fairly well - both better and worse than could have been expected. But there is apparently such a thing as "dispensation" which cleared ALL OF MY FUCKING WORRIES IN LIKE, TWO SECONDS FLAT.

I'm gonna attend English B-levels this fall.
I'm getting my student loan.
Johan came down for a visit.
Life is good.

I'm gonna take a shower now.

And yes, I've shamelessly stolen this icon from someone on the Interwebz. If it's  yours, TELL ME, and I will totally apologize and credit. If it's any consolation; I took it 'cause it rocks. Think of it as.. surprise promotion!


Unobserved said...

Yeaaaaaaaaa for you :)

Chris Brian said...

Hey! By clicking 'next blog' when I was bored I came to yours. And I liked it. Definitely more than all that "look at us, we're a great family and we want to share our boring life with you 'cause we have nothing to do." :D
True Blood.
LGBT rights.
We have something in common. There might be more, I haven't read your blog so properly yet. :)