I'm just cling to something stationary and hope I don't get swept away

'Cause really, everything is happening. At the same time. And it's not that taxing, I just have to remember what I'm supposed to be doing and what I'm gonna spend my time on.

The Plan is as follows:

Study my ass off. (I think it's do-able, I really do, I just have to memorize a LOT of crazy ass phonetics.) Pass my resits. (This is key. Mucho Importante.) Get properly accepted into B-levels. (I really want to. I was att the CLL yesterday with Emine and it was like coming home. I want to take this course!) Get my student loan. (It's that or move into a cardboard box by the side of the road.) Get a Blackberry. (Drooooooooool.)
It won't make me happy, as it's only material bliss and will eventually fade. But heck, it's super sexy.


Unobserved said...

Ohhhh that Blackberry really is sexy, grrrooowwwll ;) Hey I'll keep my eyes open for cardboard boxes, just in case okay???

Unobserved said...

I'm just stopping by to drool over that Blackberry again....I want to have that Blackberry's baby...it's soooo sexy :)