Life right now

..is wierd. My ambivalance has reached a new high. I want time to go faster, faster, faster, and at the same time I'm digging my heels in, going "nooooo, slow down, MF!!".

I'm doing my best to study for my resit's in 10 days. I'm working a bit here and there. I'm broke. I'm making evil plans for the end of August, when the lovelies are coming to visit - both of them <3 I'm trying to make ends meet for start of term when I'm gonna have to buy all my coursebooks on like.. no money at all. I can't wait until term starts.

Mostly I just wanna be 16 again.
No, wait, fuck that, 16 was horrible. Make that 14. 14 years old, with no responsabilities, no worries and just a whole bunch of fanfiction. (That's when it happened, I remember it like it was yesterday - Evlajn dragged me into one of the computer halls at school. "You have to see this, it's insane!" Oh, I owe that girl So. Much.)

Life is crazy. But that's life.


Åsa said...

Ja gud gör mig 14 igen! Hade varit nice... fast samtidigt hade man inte uppfunnit (ja uppfunnit) alkoholen då. Det är lite som att tacka nej till en vän för livet.
Nej trivs nog rätt bra just nu :)

Unobserved said...

This was sooooo funny, but I don't know what "fanfiction" is?? Is it stuff about fans thats made up??? I have to tell you I'm not very cool...There it's out in the open for the world to see, I'm not very cool at all.

Oh and what Asa said....I don't know what it says...but count me in.