Mixed emotions

While I'm currently immensely disappointed - the wild, crazy, scary idea didn't work out - I'm also fucking elated. I passed my history exam! I wrote some bullshit about Winston Churchill and his V-signs and I had no idea what the fucking Restoration was, but I passed anyway. Damn I'm good.

Drinkin' wine with my sis tonight. Celebration time!


Unobserved said...

Ohhhh the Swiss educational system...I figured you'd have questions like "Who invented the swedish meatball?"...and "Name 2 uses for swisscheese"

You're more AWESOME than finding $20 in my jeans when I'm doing laundry.

Unobserved said...

$50 an hour???? Holy crap...how much would a good 10 minutes be??? I do apologize for the "Swiss" I was hoping you wouldn't get offended lol

Unobserved said...

What do I need to know geography for??? I live in the U.S....I mean it all begins and ends here ya know. When you say Dinner, you mean like a burger and fries right??? When you pass out, do I get a refund on the remaining time??