Mom's are great.

Mine just called me. I love it when she calls me. It's always kind of random.

Me :"Good morning!"
Mom: "So what's so good about a Blackberry anyway?"

Mom: "I'm going crocery shopping. What exactly do you need?"

I love that I'm officially inspiring sympathy in my elders. I have NO Money. I have enough food to survive, but it mostly consists of pasta and some ground beef. This makes for a very one-sided diet. Also, not drinking milk fucks with my gastritis something fierce. I don't think I've complained that much, but maybe that's the trick. Suffer in silence and people will think you're noble and eventually save your ass.

Mom's stopping by with milk, juice, bread and butter later. Breakfast! Yay!

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Unobserved said...

Please ask your mom if she'll adopt me....I love your mom...In a purely spiritual way of course. Haven't you discovered Ramen yet???