My everything hurts.

Or atleast like.. 50 % of my everything. Pretty much everything from the waist down. I am so calling my medical center tomorrow - I need to get these fucking knees looked at. (It's about time after 6,5 years or so. Maybe.) But it's been a really nice night. I have this love/hate-mixed feelings about all the student nations. I live on the same block as - and share a giant garden with - three of the biggest inner-city nations, and I fucking hate them and all the people in them and all the fucking noise they make - when I'm not in the middle of it and making some noise myself.

Met a nice German fellow who might be taking over my room once I move in with Mom. He's gonna come over tomorrow and take a look at the place. But that's for tomorrow - in my immediate future lies nothing but Sourcream & Onion chips and Boondock Saints. (But just the yummy parts.)

Night night.

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Unobserved said...

Oh Oh Oh I had sourcream and onion chips tonight, wow it's like ESP huh???? Hold it, you're moving in with your mom??? You are soooo lucky. Well take it easy...and great movie :)