Slow. Down. MF. Plz.

A couple of hours ago I realized I hadn't left the apartment in over two days. Took a walk. Felt less crazy.

The phonetics are eating my brainz. Not a funny feeling. But on the other hand, I'm feeling better and better about the resit. If God is good and this is meant to be, I just might pass. Then on the.. third(?) hand, I've dropped behind on studying for the history exam. But that's on friday - some comfort at least.

It seems I'm in one of those phases again, where everything - literally everything - becomes an emotional rollercoaster. I go from blank to sad to panicky to relieved to pissed off to moderately happy to withdrawal-y to blank again. It's extremely tiring. I could use a good prayer right now. A church and some songs and a hug.

My roommate is awesome. She gives me cigarettes and chocolate and red wine, bless her.

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