Something I don't mind spending money on

I just ordered most of my litterature for this semester.
*Squee* I really love buying books. I should do it more often.

I'm so incredibly excited about going back to Uni! Lectures and Workshops and Seminars and The English, my GOD, The ENGLISH! I really, really hope we get a native speaker for this course - it's such a great excuse to not stop speaking in English. ('Cause eventually, a non-native speaker will switch back to Swedish,no matter how good they are at it. Well, not me, but I'm strange. )

And yes, I've shamelessly stolen this icon from someone on the Interwebz. If it's  yours, TELL ME, and I will totally apologize and credit. If it's any consolation; I took it 'cause it rocks. Think of it as.. surprise promotion!

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Unobserved said...

Is *Squee* a Swedish word? Now, it's all good that you're going back school...*YEAAAAA* for you and all, BUT where does blogging fit into this whole academic endeavor??? If it's only English you want to hear, hell I can record some stuff, and you can listen to it while you blog.