Cold too overpowering to attend lectures - therefore on couch with new episode of True Blood and Glee (omg-yay!). Anna and Finn rang me up earlier, offering cake and movies, promising not to care if I sneeze on them. Company = less of a skittish, angsty me. Company visiting me at home = I have to clean. This is good. We like this. I've been wanting to clean this place for ages now, I just haven't gotten off my ass to do it.

Mom's in Malaga. I'm all alone in this crap house (and on top of everthing, the front door won't close properly unless you slam it shut and has taken to opening on it's own at random intervals). But as my darling Evlajn reminded me - This too shall pass.

Yeah. Good ramble, there.

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Unobserved said...

You know you have true friends when they allow you to sneeze on them.