Living here.

As in Living in Stora Råby, where I spent something close to 10 months wishing I was somewhere else, preferrably away from myself. It's not fun. It's like it's stuck in the walls and I spend most of the time here trying to run away from something and I'm not really aware I'm doing it. Stora Råby is sleepless nights and a wish to be gone. We're moving out in like two weeks. Thank God.

But one good thing about this place is my mom.
My mom is absolutely fantastic.
When I hurt she let's me sleep in her bed and hold my hand until it passes.

Last night things got a bit out of hand. I woke up at 03:20 AM from the sensation that my uterus was trying to claw it's way out of my abdomen, and I got to cry everything out of me for an hour or so. Thank GOD for mothers with pills and big beds.


Evelina said...

That's what I felt when I had to go back to the woods last year. Stuff like that really stays in the walls.

I'm sorry you're hurting, darling. But this too shall pass. <3

Unobserved said...

I hope you're feeling better....and you really do have the bestest mom.